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We know what you are thinking, “Great another podcast about roller coaster top ten lists and ride debates”. Well yes, sort of…

While Trimmed & Stapled will include our thoughts and opinions on the best hyper coasters we have ridden, which Disney parks has the best theming, and which wooden coaster needs to become the next RMC hybrid, we would also like to take a different approach.

Each week we will spend about a half hour discussing our journey while we try to ride 125 new credits a season. So along with our lists we want to share our experiences, tell you why we choose to visit a particular park, why we did the coasters in a particular order and our journey from being GP to actually proudly calling ourselves enthusiasts.

125 Roller Coaster Challenge started out as a family adventure and each week we want to share that with you because when it is all said and done, the best memories come from the people who shared the ride.

Trimmed & Stapled debuts on December 1st, 2020 and will have a new adventure every Tuesday. Come share the ride with us

February 7, 2021

Episode 20 - ERT - Back In Time

Knoebels Week is in full swing with Paul & Janine discussing a walk through of this amazing park with a focus on their collection of flat rides.

Discussions include their bumper cars which have been voted the best by the Golden Tickets, classic rides like Satellite, Galleon, Haunted Mansion, and the Crystal Pool along with some newer rides like Power Surge, Tumbling Timbers, and Stratos FEAR.

This is episode two of our four part Knoebels week marathon so if you are a fan or just want to learn more about this fantastic park, you will enjoy this discussion.

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